What proves that OSEANE’s electrical energy savers work?

Marketed by OSEANE for more than 5 years, all tests and customer feedback have been positive.

How does your electrical energy saver work?

Electric motors and appliances that contain magnetic circuits use two forms of energy: active power (kW) which is entirely transformed into mechanical energy and reactive power (kVAr) which is used only for the magnetisation of the copper in the magnetic circuits.

Ideally, the cosine phi is the ratio between active and reactive power, should be equal to 1. The more the cosine phi is degraded (= less than 1), the more reactive power will clog the electrical circuit.

In this case, to obtain the same active power, a higher current will have to flow through the electrical circuit. A cosine phi equal or close to 1 therefore allows less current to be consumed to obtain the same active power.

OSEANE products, by controlling a bank of capacitors in real time, causes the cosine phi to tend towards 1, and reduces current consumption for the same active power.

Motors with magnetic circuits use reactive energy for the magnetisation of their coils. The products in the OSEANE range reduce the reactive power circulating in the electrical circuit to the strictly necessary level. In this way, it reduces current consumption without reducing the active power that powers the devices.

You save money and extend the life of your appliances.

OSEANE products allow you to regulate the ratio between reactive and active power in real time. At equivalent power, your current consumption is lower.

My heating is electric. Do I need to equip myself with an OSEANE box to save electricity ?

If your heating system is a heat pump, it is advisable to install an OSEANE box because this type of heating system requires a large amount of reactive energy.

Is there any protection in case lightning strikes my home?

If your home is equipped with a lightning arrester, your OSEANE saver will also be protected in the same way as the rest of your installation.

Will I still have power if my OSEANE energy saver breaks down?

Yes, the OSEANE box is connected in parallel with your electrical installation and not in series.

What are the products in the OSEANE range made of ?

OSEANE electrical energy savers are based on a system of capacitors controlled in real time. They are constantly adapted to your electricity consumption.

Is it legal to use an OSEANE saver in my home?

Yes, of course it is. OSEANE products comply with CE and RoHs standards. This means that their installations are fully compliant with the regulations in force.

Is there a guarantee on the economizers in the OSEANE range?

Yes, the equipment is guaranteed for 5 years, provided that the installation has been carried out by a professional and connected in accordance with the rules of the trade.

Do I need to ask EDF for authorisation to install an OSEANE electrical energy saver?

No, because our OSEANE saver is installed after the meter, in the private part of the electrical installation.

What happens if my OSEANE saver breaks down?

You will stop saving until the OSEANE saver is replaced. The control screen allows you to check that your electricity saver is working properly.

Can I install an OSEANE electricity saver myself?

Installation is easy, but you must be authorised to work on an electrical installation.

Does the OSEANE electricity saver comply with CE standards?

Yes, it has a CE and RoHs mark.

Are OSEANE energy savers single-phase or three-phase?

Several versions are available single/three-phase with different power ratings.

Do I have to change anything in the way I use my electrical appliances to save money?

The whole point of the OSEANE electrical energy savers is that you continue to use your electrical appliances in the same way as before. Without changing your habits, you save money.

Are there already OSEANE boxes installed? Are they satisfactory?

Yes, more than 2,000 electricity savers have been installed in the last 5 years. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality and performance of our OSEANE electrical energy savers.

Is it possible to install my OSEANE electricity saver outside my home?

No. If your electricity meter is outside your home, the OSEANE electricity saver can be installed outside your home.