Single Phase Power Saver

Product Overview


The LKH Power Saver help to reduce the electricity bill. They increase the energy efficiency of the installations by acting mainly on the power factor, harmonic distortions and by reducing losses by Joule effect. This latest-generation unit includes a real-time computer that enables the current to be adjusted as best as possible.

LKH boxes will improve the rate of harmonic distortion and reduce the thermal effects on transformers due to a bad power factor. Harmonic distortions are generated by switched-mode power supplies (TVs, computers…), they pollute the domestic electrical network. In addition, LKH enclosures have protection against voltage peaks (overvoltages, undervoltages), which extends the life of electrical equipment.

Oseane boxes have been designed using proven and recognised technologies. The cabinet’s novelty is the management of capacitor banks and harmonic distortion filters by an integrated computer. The result is an optimized quality current.

The installation of the box is easy and must be done at the output of a Low Voltage Main Switchboard. The cabinets are guaranteed for 5 years. An LCD indicator permanently displays the voltage, current, power factor and apparent power savings.

The average energy saving can be estimated between 5% and 20% in a conventional domestic installation.

Technical data

  • Single-phase, power 20 kW
  • Temperature : -40°C à +70° C
  • IP43, stainless steel box
  • LED function display
  • LCD display of V, I, Power Factor and Power Savings
  • Intelligent 64-level power control and compensation software
  • Weight : 4,5 kg, dimension : 250 x 230 x 92mm
  • Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating. CE, RoHS.
  • Consumption : 20 Watts

Some recalls

The current delivered to a user is an alternating (sinusoidal) current.
To simplify, this current has three components:
– the apparent power S (in Volt Ampere)
– the reactive power Q (in Volt Reactive Ampere)
– the active power P (in Watts).